The much celebrated PDX carpet

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  • May 9, 2015
There are hundreds of airport rankings: The 10 best, the 10 worst, the most family friendly, the 5 best for people who don’t like to walk, etc. While Portland could certainly make it to the list of friendly and convenient airports, it started a ranking of its own: the most famous airport carpet.

Yes. Its C.A.R.P.E.T.
PDX carpet no filter

PDX carpet no filter

Now it’s like most things Portland: unique and quirky. The carpet design itself will probably make a designer’s eyes pop out with horror but somehow to Portland, it is a unique sign of “yes, I’m back home”.
It welcomes traveler with its singular choice of color (for an airport carpet I mean) and unique alignments of lines and points. Very 90s.
And to show their love to their airport’s carpet, Portlanders have turned it into a social phenomenon (more than 42’000 pictures shared on social media, official twitter and instagram accounts and countless articles about it in very serious newspaper, from the New York times to the Guardian).
And you can now even buy branded socks, t-shirts, mugs, iPhone covers and even a beer to celebrate your love for PDX carpet.
Merchandising PDX carpet

Merchandising PDX carpet

And the sad news is, PDX is removing its beloved carpet and replacing it with a new (less 90s color blind explosion) design.
Unsurprisingly, it is one of the most talked about subject in Portland. Just like Londoners will talk about the weather, Portland talks about its airport carpet.
Celebrate PDX carpet, order a piece of it (a great doormat for your home) here.

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