Capsule hotel Narita: your best option for a night at the airport

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  • May 28, 2015

Welcome to Narita’s Capsule hotel: where “crawling into bed” has a whole new meaning.

Luckily for the savvy travellers, a new capsule hotel recently opened in Narita. Because let’s face it, airport hotels in Japan are pretty creepy (think 90’s interior design, ricking of cigarette smoke, with miles and miles of dark corridors, you get the picture), and way overpriced even by Tokyo standard.

So, if you’re looking at a late flight in or an early flight out of Tokyo, don’t break your head and book the 9 hours capsule hotel in Narita.
Capsule hotels are like luxurious dormitories, complete with 5 star amenities and intimacy (again, as much as intimacy goes when sleeping alongside 50 other people).
Now unfortunately, this is not a suitable option for claustrophobic or very tall people. Inside the capsule you can either kneel or sleep and that is by Japanese standard (I’m 168cm and it was tight).
Also not a great option for couples who can’t spend the night apart, the 9 hours capsule hotel has a female and a male dormitory, and there is no such thing as a double capsule for couples.
Capsule hotel Narita
Ready to book your night? Now, just like everything else in Japan, there is a capsule hotel etiquette, so here are a few tips for your stay:
1. Don’t change in the locker room.

This is not a high school gym. Consider it a hotel lobby, and who would stand in their hello kitty underwear in a hotel lobby? (don’t answer that, I know some who actually would).

2. Don’t bother taking out your toiletries.
There is everything you need in the shower. And it smells lovely too.
3. Use your slippers.
Don’t walk around in your flip flops or day shoes. This is very rude (by both Japanese standard and capsule etiquette)
4. Don’t use any of the buttons located next to the toilet seat.
Unless you want to be blinded by a water jet meant to clean your butt. The flush is either located on top of the water tank or on the side. Now this is obviously a valuable advice for capsule hotels as well as for your entire stay in Japan.
5. Don’t run around in your pyjamas.
You were provided with a robe. Now yes, it does make you look like you’re filming a prison break episode but somehow using the common areas in your pyjamas will make you look like an douchebag so really, the robe is the best option.
6. Pack your earplug and eyeshade.
You’ll need it if you want to sleep. After all this is really an upgraded version of a dormitory. (and remember those days at summer camp? Well it’s the same except louder because we’re all grown ups now)
7. Lower your capsule shade.
There is ventilation inside your capsule, you won’t suffocate. It is also the decent thing to do for your fellow capsule users. (And no one will know it was you snoring like you were trying to break the wall of sound).
Capsule hotel narita
Book via or any other booking website. The hotel website constantly seem to be fully booked (at least for the female dormitory) despite having availability.
The 9 hours capsule hotel is located in Terminal One, by the express train station.
50US$ a night (including breakfast)

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