Eat & stay in Bavaria

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  • February 10, 2014
Sleep. Like royalty

Let’s make it short. To enjoy the most of your castle orgy, stay in or around Füssen. These are two nice little hotels, complete with the cute Bavarian deco (if you’re into that) and a friendly receptionist wearing a dirndl (the typical German/Austrian outfit). Book ahead as these places get really busy in the Summer.

Alatsee is definitely a favorite as it comes with a private (yes, private) lake. It also has a very nice restaurant (once you’re tired of eating sausages and other Bavarian snacks, you’ll be very thankful for Alatsee), so even if you’re not staying in Alatsee don’t miss out on their dinner menu.

Rooms start at 30 Euros per person, and let’s be totally honest, it is a minor upgrade from a youth hostel but you can’t beat the private lake for romance…

Dreimäderlhaus. Literally the house of the 3 young women (don’t get over excited, it is owned by a very traditional Bavarian couple). Cute rooms with balconies, room starts at 80 Euros.

Eat. Pile up the pounds.

When in Bavaria, forget everything you know about healthy eating. Because no matter what you do, you will end up eating things you never thought you could digest. This includes plates of pork. From ribs to steaks to sausages to feet. All in one plate.

No wonder they invented Jägermeister. That’s the only way to digest all this meat.

So instead of recommending one place in particular, here is the thing you should order in any good old “Stube”: Schweinshaxn with Knödel. It’s pork meat with a sort of undercooked potato purée that looks like a bull’s testicule. Anyways.

Leave some room for dessert and try Germknödel with Vanilla sauce. It’s just like the above knödel except sweet.

And don’t forget the local beer.

Meat. More meat.

Meat. More meat.

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